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Vera de Kok
Vera de Kok
Vera de Kok
Wikipedian, Wikimedia Nederland

About me

I started actively contributing to the Wikimedia projects in early 2011. I soon found my place trough the Wiki Loves Monuments project at Wikimedia Commons. I like how contributing to the varying wiki's contributes to a larger whole, how it teaches you new skills and how there isn't any obligation to do anything yet the freedom to do a lot. Outside the Wikipedia projects I like listening to non-fiction audio books, watching tv dramas and art house/fantasy movies.

My work

I've patrolled Commons for copyright violations in the past, contributed a fair number of pictures. In 2013 I joined in on the preparations for WLM 2013, contacting Dutch municipalities and creating a web aplication for generating Wikipedia pages for lists of municipal monuments.

Skills: PHP, jQuery, MySQL, Python, CSS, HTML

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