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This page contains historical information. scap3 is no longer used for Striker deployment

Historic and planned scap3 deployments of Striker.


Git hash: e120c6c


Git hash: 3c2090a

  • task T144111 Allow self-service creation of Maniphest projects for Tools
  • task T198114 Allow tool maintainers to delete toolinfo via ToolsAdmin
  • task T223610 Tool creation and toolinfo create/edit forms are the same causing confusion about field mutability/use
  • task T245804 Reassign base URLs for toolinfo records' web service links
  • task T261810 Striker not compatible with mwoauth>=0.3.5


Git hash: 91594df

  • task T228222 Django deprecation warning for "{% load staticfiles %}"
  • task T228332 Fatal error when adding new maintainer to a tool
  • a8cdd3e Force python warnings into logger


Git hash: 247a8a6

  • task T221657 500 error when deleting ssh key from toolsadmin
  • task T227508 Fatal error attempting to create new Diffusion repositories using Striker
  • f3c62f1 Update Django to 2.2.3


Git hash: 2f62c43

  • task T176325 "No Phabricator accounts found for tool maintainers." while creating the a new diffusion repository
  • c703924 Update error handlers for Django 2.1


Git hash: c4726e3

  • task T192487 Update Django to latest stable or LTS
  • task T182142 Diffusion repository creation fails via toolsadmin
  • task T176325 "No Phabricator accounts found for tool maintainers." while creating a new diffusion repository
  • task T217932 Change log routing to ELK cluster to use rsyslog->kafka rather than talking directly to the ELK cluster
  • Add feature flag to allow disabling account creation


Git hash: 2329901

  • task T177407 Order login_required and require_tools_member correctly for tools/create/
  • task T198076 Temporarily replace requirements.txt with `pip --freeze` from prod
  • Use #acl*repository-admins instead of #repository-admins
  • Order maintainers by cn
  • task T190543 Update UI to use term "Wikimedia developer account"


Git hash: 69f1b15

  • task T182142 Diffusion repository creation fails via toolsadmin
  • task T168027 Enhance workflow for tool labs membership requests
  • 387067 Add Referrer-Policy header


Git hash: fbb9019

  • task T176681 Striker should not allow tool names to include '_' for Kubernetes compatibility


Git hash: 47b5e8a

  • task T174112 Handle invalid ssh keys in LDAP
  • task T173963 Break in-process cache of model choice fields
  • Misc bug fixes:
    • Guard against LDAP modify with no changes for maintainers
    • Set tool account's shell to /bin/bash
    • striker.tools.models.Maintainer: fix __str__
    • Check tools.admin membership for admin rights (+ bug fix)
    • Fix spelling of "Maintainers"
    • Update service account GID range to match reality


Git hash: 2f2dd7c

  • task T128400 Unable to add service group to service groups
  • task T149458 Manage shared tool accounts via Striker
  • task T159044 Replace deprecated phabricator conduit api calls in phabricator.py file
  • task T164847 Striker gives fatal error when a SUL account already in use tries to attach to a second LDAP account
  • task T167931 Fatal error when adding a duplicate SSH key
  • task T168480 Perform initial Cloud Services rebranding
  • task T173845 Make potential for others to see IP Address for ssh sessions explicit in Toolforge membership request process


Git hash: 00e8545

  • task T164787 Keystone permissions exception when trying to approve Tool Labs membership request via Striker
  • task T162508 Implement Tool Labs membership application and processing in Striker
  • task T151422 Striker error log events not getting into ELK cluster due to UDP truncation of JSON payload


Git hash: 5aa3aa8

  • task T144710 Create Wikitech/LDAP accounts via a new user friendly guided workflow
  • task T147024 Striker should respect TitleBlacklist bans on new account names
  • task T144712 Check for 2FA protection and enforce validation of 2FA tokens
  • task T144711 Allow management of LDAP SSH keys
  • task T153935 Allow changing LDAP password from Striker


Git hash: c546f4c


Git hash: 7d7c8ee

  • 308667 Improve contrib-admin display of goals and repos


Git hash: b5fdbf9

  • task T144040 Need pretty page for uwsgi proxy errors
  • task T144296 Wrap MilestoneManager.recordMilestone in a transaction
  • 308297 Register an admin model to view admin log entries
  • 308295 Set default STAFF_GROUP_DN == SUPERUSER_GROUP_DN


Git hash: ac555bd


Git hash: ffe13c1

  • task T143949 Add pretty error pages
  • task T144082 Trying to connect Phabricator Account results in Server Error (500)
  • task T143972 Add an About page
  • task T144134 Admin interface not working
  • task T144139 Repository info may be incorrect when a tool has multiple repositories
  • task T143957 Striker should hide http:// diffusion URLs
  • task T143975 Striker repository information page should include a link to the repo in diffusion


Git hash: 534e820


Git hash: 2fdf103

  • Initial deploy