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Website (restricted)
Description IRC bot to help Wikimedia channels operators
Keywords irc, python
Author(s) Danilo
Maintainer(s) Danilo (View all)
License GNU General Public License 3.0
Issues Call danilo in IRC

Wmopbot is a IRC bot that helps operators of Wikimedia IRC channels in Libera watch the channels, it warns in #wikimedia-ops about problems in channels like spammers and trolls. Wmopbot also manage the cloak requests queue.

The help page is available only for IRC operators in


Wmopbot has a auto restart function, sometimes it delays up to 30 minutes to auto restart, if that doesn't happen it can be restart manually by a maintainer or an user with root access in toolforge.

To restart the bot delete the kubernetes pod and start a new one with the commands below:

kubectl delete pod wmopbot
kubectl apply -f pod.yaml

Obs: wmopbot does not use a deployment because it has a stop command in case it has some annoying bug, deployments do not have an easy way to be stopped.