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Toolforge tools
Website https://wikistream.toolforge.org/
Keywords nodejs, irc
Author(s) Edsu
Maintainer(s) BryanDavis, Edsu (View all)
Source code github
License Creative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal
Issues github
Admin log Tools.wikistream/SAL

Wikistream is a Node webapp for helping visualize current editing activity in Wikipedia. The app sits in the wikimedia IRC chat rooms (where updates are published by the various Mediawiki instances), and makes them available on the Web in realtime.


The bot runs from Toolforge under the "wikistream" account as a kubernetes pod.

# Toolforge webservice template
backend: kubernetes
type: node10
canonical: True
Common operations
$ webservice start
$ webservice restart
$ webservice stop

The application's git repo is cloned at $HOME/www/js. Changes to npm managed libraries should be done from inside a webservice shell session.

$ ssh dev.toolforge.org
$ become wikistream
$ webservice shell
tools.wikistream@interactive$ cd www/js
tools.wikistream@interactive$ npm ...

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