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Tool:Twitter to Commons

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Twitter to Commons
Website https://twitter-to-commons.toolforge.org
Description Upload images from twitter to Wikimedia Commons directly
Keywords twitter, creative commons, Wikimedia Commons
Author(s) Jnanaranjan Sahu
Maintainer(s) Jnanaranjan Sahu (View all)
Source code Github
License GNU General Public License 3.0 or later
Issues Open tasks · Report a bug

Twitter to commons is a tool where Wikimedia registered users can upload images from Twitter to Wikimedia Commons directly.

The initial request for this tool is from Odia Wikipedia Community, After collaborating with Govt. of Odisha. They have made their social media accounts, specially Twitter accounts. So users need a easy and effortless process where they can directly upload images from Twitter to Wikimedia Commons.

Initially only these free accounts have been listed and a new account request option was there but after some user request on phabricator and Facebook some features extended and users have given an options to enter the twitter handle and show tweets and upload form any twitter account.

How to use

Here is a video tutorial on Commons showing how to use the tool.

You have to log in to upload any image.

This tool uses Oauth so when you click on login you will be redirected to the Wiki page where you will enter your credentials and login.

After login you will be redirected back to the tools page.

Loading Tweets

  • Choose or input a twitter account to show tweet images.
There are three ways to get the images.
    • You can select from free licensed accounts. The free license accounts are already in free license. When you choose from a free licensed accounts then it automatically adds the author, license and a default category. To add an account see Request new account section below.
    • You can also also get images from any twitter account. You have to be careful as you have to specify the license or permission for the image.
    • You can also paste link of the specific tweet or image(Newly added feature).
  • After the images loaded you can click on any image thumb to see the image and you can also check the tweet link and the tweet text.
  • At the bottom a show more tweets buttons will appear and you can show more tweets from that user.


  • After clicking on show tweets button recently tweeted images will appear.
  • For uploading an image click on upload.
  • A pop up will appear with input fields.
  • You have to provide a name for the image. (Initially default name was provided like this: handle_tweet_id.jpg but when people uploaded without even changing the name the process need to be changed and the name input field has to be entered by user.)
  • In the description field by default the tweet's original text will be loaded. You may change to a good description. Only English description is now supported.
  • In the category field you can search and input a category. You can enter multiple category. The category search field is an autocomplete and will give suggestions of categories. If no suggestions are there you can still enter any category. It will be shown in red color.
  • If you are uploading from a handle which is not predefined in the list then you will a see a more input field with the name permission. You can enter the permission or any text stating reason regarding why you thing that image is free license. ex: {{own}}
  • The other information field is similar to the other information field in the upload wizard on Wikimedia commons. You may specify location or any other information. Remember keep everything in wiki format.
  • After filling all details you can click on confirm and upload.
  • If everything is right then the image will be uploaded and you will be provided with the Wikimedia Commons link where the image has been uploaded else you will see an error message on the top stating the reason why the image didn't go throw.
  • You can check all uploads on Uploads page.


  • You can cancel a tweet from appearing on the list. When you click on cancel it will ask you for a reason,. You can input the reason and confirm the cancelling of image.
  • When you cancel an image it will no longer appear on the list.
  • You can check all canceled images on Canceled Page.

Request New Account

  • When You request an account and it is approved then the twitter account will appear in the free licensed accounts.


Statistics page shows all the statistics regarding the upload activity.

You can check how many successful full uploads., canceled tweets, total attempts.

It also shows total users who has any activity on that tool as well top 5 uploaders.


On administrator page you can check the current administrators, banned users, new requests, approved and rejected requests.

The administrators can perform some tasks.

  • They can ban a user
  • Delete a canceled tweet
  • Approve or reject a new twitter account request

To be an admin. Please request on admins's talk page or this page talk page.


You can request a feature or give any feedback on this pages talk page, on tools's admins talk page, or on github.

You can also create a phabricator task with the tag "twitter-to-commons".