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Toolforge tools
Website https://sal.toolforge.org/
Description Server admin logs
Keywords SAL, php
Author(s) BryanDavis
Maintainer(s) BryanDavis, Yuvipanda (View all)
Source code github
License GNU General Public License 3.0 or later
Issues github

sal is a tool for searching Server Admin Log messages for a variety of projects. It provides both full text search and date based search capabilities that the normal wiki page based SAL system lacks.

SAL is written in PHP using the wikimedia/slimapp framework. It reads data from an Elasticsearch cluster hosted in Toolforge that is populated by Stashbot from IRC !log messages sent in various Libera.chat channels used by the Wikimedia projects.



A .lighttpd.conf is used to configure lighttpd to route all URLs under https://sal.toolforge.org/ which are not for static asset files to a PHP dispatch script.

url.rewrite-if-not-file += ( "(.*)" => "/index.php/$0" )


An .env file is used to provide Twelve-Factor App style configuration of the application.


Manually loading missed entries


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