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Toolforge tools
RedWarn Tools
Description CDN mirror and statistics tools
Author(s) Ed6767, Chlod
Maintainer(s) Chlod (View all)
Source code https://gitlab.com/redwarn/redwarn-tools/
License Apache License 2.0

RedWarn Tools are a set of statistics tools powered by Wikimedia Toolforge. You do not need permission to use it, and feel free to add it to your script or tool. You do not need to have the RedWarn userscript enabled to use these tools. They are not hosted on the English Wikipedia and are completely standalone pages.

You can find more info at w:en:Wikipedia:RedWarn/Tools.

Information on RedWarn userscript development can be found on the RedWarn development wiki. Information on RedWarn userscript usage can be found on Wikipedia:RedWarn on the English Wikipedia.

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