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Toolforge tools
Website https://piagetbot.toolforge.org/
Description (kind of) a general-purpose IRC bot.
Keywords irc, bot, python
Author(s) tom29739, upstream contributors and module creators (Tom29739talk)
Maintainer(s) tom29739, Zppix (View all)
Source code https://github.com/piagetbot/sopel (upstream)
License Eiffel Forum License, Version 2
Issues https://github.com/piagetbot/sopel/issues

PiagetBot (IRC nick: piaget2) is a general-purpose IRC bot, written in Python.

It runs Sopel, which is a pre-built IRC framework.

It can do many things, including:

  • &ip - WHOIS, geolocate IP addresses and lookup IP addresses for possible proxies/hosting providers
  • &calc - perform calculations
  • &py - evaluate Python expressions
  • &time - the time in different timezones
  • &cur - convert between different currencies
  • &dice - roll (virtual) dice
  • &isup - check whether websites are up
  • &startmeeting - log meetings (starting meetings is currently limited to bot admins)
  • &imdb - lookup movies on IMDB
  • &rand - generate random numbers
  • &redditor - lookup Reddit posts and users
  • &translate - translate between languages
  • &duck - search the web using Duck Duck Go and return the top result for a search phrase
  • &temp, &length, and &weight - convert between units
  • &shorten - shorten URLs
  • &expand - expand goo.gl shortened URLs
  • &weather - get the weather for a location
  • &w - lookup Wikipedia articles
  • &wplink - get links to Wikipedia articles
  • &wt - lookup words on Wiktionary
  • &xkcd - lookup xkcd comics (currently broken)
  • &where what the bots name is and the current IRC channel