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Author(s) MisterSynergytalk
Maintainer(s) MisterSynergy (View all)
Source code bitbucket (private)
License MIT License
Issues bitbucket (private)

mstools is a collection of tools made by User:MisterSynergy.

A more detailed tool description will follow.

General introduction

mstools itself is a tool framework including some specific tools written by me mostly in PHP. The “framework” part provides basic functionalities that are necessary for many tools, such as database access to replicas and tool databases, as well as some I/O. It probably also simplifies maintenance in case of changes in the Toolforge environment. Individual tools (described below) are then “installed” by just putting a single PHP file (class) into a particular folder.

Most individual tools provide various output formats for humans and robots. On results pages, static links are provided that reproduce the last query and make them easily accessible. By using JSON output, you can also cURL/wget a tool result to process it with another tool. I would encourage you to provide a useful HTTP User Agent in that case.

I am hosting my code at BitBucket in a private repository, but at least proper version control is in place. If useful, I would consider allowing public access to all files as well. Meanwhile you can browse all tool files (but not sources) using the “Tools Explorer” tool. With a Toolforge account you can open all files in an editor as well to look at the sources. This tool collection and its framework is licensed under the MIT License. Feel free to re-use the sources or parts of it.

Description of sub-tools