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Toolforge tools
Description IRC bot for Deployments
Keywords irc, python
Author(s) Matt Walker
Maintainer(s) (View all)
Source code gerrit
License GNU General Public License 2.0 or later
Issues Open tasks · Report a bug

Jouncebot is a Python reminder bot for Wikimedia Deployments. It reads the deployments calendar and pokes people on IRC when their window opens.

It listens in these channels on Libera.chat:



  • jouncebot: help - Displays a list of available bot commands and their description.
  • jouncebot: now - Displays the details of on-going deployment event(s), or the time remaining until the next one.
  • jouncebot: next - Displays the details of the next deployment event(s) to begin.
  • jouncebot: nowandnext - Displays both the details of the on-going deploying and the next deployment.
  • jouncebot: refresh – Refresh the bot's cache of the Deployment calendar.


It runs from Toolforge under the "jouncebot" account.

Source code lives in GitLab.



$ ssh login.toolforge.org
$ become jouncebot

Running the bot

# Start the bot
$ ./jouncebot/bin/jouncebot.sh start

# Stop the bot
$ ./jouncebot/bin/jouncebot.sh stop

# Restart the bot
$ ./jouncebot/bin/jouncebot.sh restart

# Check job status
$ ./jouncebot/bin/jouncebot.sh status

# Tail log files
$ ./jouncebot/bin/jouncebot.sh tail

# Update bot to latest version
$ ./jouncebot/bin/jouncebot.sh update
$ ./jouncebot/bin/jouncebot.sh restart


jouncebot is configured using a YAML file located in $HOME/jouncebot/etc/jouncebot.yaml. See also the default config in jouncebot/etc/DefaultConfig.yaml