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Website https://integraality.toolforge.org/
Author(s) Jean-Frédérictalk
Maintainer(s) Jean-Frédéric (View all)
Source code https://github.com/JeanFred/integraality/
License MIT License
Issues Open tasks · Report a bug
Admin log Nova_Resource:Tools.integraality/SAL

InteGraality is a tool generating dashboards of property coverage for a given part of Wikidata.


There are three possible modes:

  • “Queries”, invoked from following the “🔍” in the cell. It uses the queries endpoint.
  • “Manual update”, invoked from the “update” link in the template header. It uses the update endpoint.
  • “Periodic update”, invoked by a cron job (currently weekly) which loops through all the dashboards on a given wiki and update them.

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