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IA Upload
Description A tool to upload DjVu/PDF files from Internet Archive to Commons
Keywords Internet Archive, Commons, Wikisource, DjVu, PDF, books
Author(s) Tpttalk
Maintainer(s) Tpt (View all)
Source code
License GNU General Public License 2.0 or later
Issues Open tasks · Report a bug
Admin log Tool:IA Upload/SAL

This tool account is no longer used to serve IA Upload (that's now done on VPS by Nova Resource:Wikisource), but the database and email address of this account are still in use.

The IA Upload tool is a simple web-based tool for transferring (and creating where required) DjVu files from the Internet Archive to Wikimedia Commons.

It can be found at

Recent Commons uploads by this tool can be found by filtering RecentChanges for OAuth CID: 1762 (and also the older tag #772).

Contact the maintainers at


Development of this tool is managed on Github, and there is a test installation at

Translation is managed at translatewiki:Translating:IA Upload.