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Tool:IA Upload

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IA Upload
Website https://ia-upload.toolforge.org
Description A tool to upload DjVu/PDF files from Internet Archive to Commons
Keywords Internet Archive, Commons, Wikisource, DjVu, PDF, books
Author(s) Tpttalk
Maintainer(s) Tpt (View all)
Source code https://github.com/wikisource/ia-upload
License GNU General Public License 2.0 or later
Issues Open tasks · Report a bug
Admin log Tool:IA Upload/SAL

This tool account is no longer used to serve IA Upload (that's now done on VPS by Nova Resource:Wikisource), but the database and email address of this account are still in use.

The IA Upload tool is a simple web-based tool for transferring (and creating where required) DjVu files from the Internet Archive to Wikimedia Commons.

It can be found at https://ia-upload.toolforge.org/.

Recent Commons uploads by this tool can be found by filtering RecentChanges for OAuth CID: 1762 (and also the older tag #772).

Contact the maintainers at tools.ia-uploadattools.wmflabs.org


Development of this tool is managed on Github, and there is a test installation at ia-upload-test.toolforge.org.

Translation is managed at translatewiki:Translating:IA Upload.