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hroest spellcheck
Website hroest/cgi-bin/
Keywords spelling, hunspell
Author(s) Hroesttalk
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Source code github
License No license specified is a web based service to find spelling errors in Wikipedia articles and make a suggestion for a correction. It uses the hunspell spelling engine in the background. Currently it only works for the German and English Wikipedia.

Usage provides a webservice at


As a prerequisite, it uses pywikibot and wikispell, a library developed for this tool. Furthermore, it requires the pyhunspell and the python-Levenshtein package from pypi. The tool itself is a simple CGI script found on github.

To install or update, use become hroest to switch to the tool account.

Furthermore, it uses data files currently located at /data/project/hroest/data/ which contain common words in English and German which will not be spellchecked and also contain the hunspell spellcheck files. The files are marshalled for faster access but are very simple python sets.