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Crystal Clear app package utilities.png Eranbot
Author(s) Eran, valhallasw
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License MIT License
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EranBot is a bot controlled by w:User:ערן. It powers the CopyPatrol feed, among other tasks.


This is the bot task that populates a database with possible copyvios which is then used to create the CopyPatrol feed.


Occasionally the bot stalls and needs to be restarted. To do this:

  • become community-tech-tools then become eranbot
  • Run qstat to see what jobs are running. You're specifically looking for "enwiki", "frwiki", and other similarly named jobs. "lighttpd" is the webserver and is unrelated to the plagiabot task.
  • Run qdel [job-ID 1] [job-ID 2] ... to kill the individual jobs.
  • They should restart automatically within 10 minutes (see the crontab)