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Toolforge tools
Toolforge Containers
Website https://toolsadmin.wikimedia.org/tools/id/containers
Description Collection of Build Service manged containers suitable for reuse by other tools.
Keywords build-service, container
Author(s) BryanDavis
Maintainer(s) BryanDavis (View all)
License GNU General Public License 3.0 or later
Issues Open tasks · Report a bug
Admin log Tools.containers/SAL

Toolforge Containers is a project to maintain and publish a collection of build service managed containers for use by other Toolforge tools.


BNC container

Container running ZNC to act as a BNC (Bounced Network Connection) for an IRC bot. The container also includes Irssi with configuration to connect to the bouncer.

Container name
bouncer - Run ZNC
client - Run irssi
Source code
$ ssh login.toolforge.org
$ become $TOOL
$ toolforge envvars create BNC_USER
$ toolforge envvars create BNC_NICK
$ toolforge envvars create BNC_REALNAME
$ toolforge envvars create BNC_PASSWORD
$ toolforge jobs run \
  --image tool-containers/bnc:latest \
  --command bouncer \
  --continuous \
  --emails none \
  --port 6667 \

The ZNC server will be available to your other containers at bnc:6667. Clients will need to authenticate as $BNC_USER/$BNC_NETWORK:$BNC_PASSWORD. The default BNC_NETWORK value is "libera".

Redis container

Container running Redis.

Container name
server - Run redis-server
client - Run redis-cli
Source code
$ ssh login.toolforge.org
$ become $TOOL
$ toolforge envvars create REDIS_PASSWORD
$ toolforge jobs run \
  --image tool-containers/redis:latest \
  --command server \
  --continuous \
  --emails none \
  --port 6379 \

The Redis server will be available to your other containers at $TOOL-redis:6379. Clients will need to use the REDIS_PASSWORD envvar to authenticate to the server.