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This template is designed to provide an image rating system, defaulting to stars. The template accepts ratings of up to ten, with more than six appearing reduced in size.

When to use this template

The template works with whole and half ratings. Other rating fractions will be rounded and the page on which the template resides will be inserted into the maintenance category Category:Pages with incorrect use of Rating template.

Please only use this template if the rating was originally expressed with the images used. For example, if a reviewer awards something a rating of "4" (expressed in digits not stars) on a scale of 5, you should simply write it as "4" or "4/5" in your article, depending on how it is presented by the source. Do not use {{rating|4|5}} where the source does not use stars, because it is inaccurate and misleading. Note that ratings on a scale of 10 can be hard to read if expressed visually with images.

Default parameters

These are the only parameters you need to show star ratings, the default symbols.

  • The first unnamed parameter is the number of the rating received.
  • The second unnamed parameter is optional, and is the maximum possible for the rating system. This will show empty or blank elements for the remainder above the rating, and changes the text in the tooltip to add "/x".
4/5 stars {{rating|4|5}}
0/3 stars {{rating|0|3}}
3.5/6 stars {{rating|3.5|6}}
8/8 stars {{rating|8|8}}
5/10 stars {{rating|5|10}}
3 stars {{rating|3}}

Extra parameters

These parameters are optional, and can change the appearance of the rating or its tooltip.

  • |score= is used to change the alt text when mousing over the rating, in the case where "x/x" is not accurate or more information can be added.
  • |full=, |half= and |empty= are used to change the images from the default stars to images you specify for each case. You don't have to fill out parameters for images you won't use, but omitting ones you will use results in stars being used for the unspecified portion (e.g. {{rating|2|5|full=Disc Plain red.svg}} makes 2/5 stars). Just the image name should be used without prepending "File:" or "Image:".
    Important: Image files must be public domain only, as they are not linked back to their image description pages.
  • |rating= should be used to name the new rating symbol if you change the images.
  • |rating-plural= accepts non-standard pluralization in the tooltip to be used instead of adding "s" in simple cases. For instance, you could use this to change the default "thumb ups" to "thumbs up".
  • |size= can be used to adjust the width at which the rating symbols display. The template defaults to symbols 11 pixels wide for up to five images and 7 pixels wide for more than five. Use the amount of pixels with "px" appended (i.e. "15px" not simply "15").
3/5 stars in a 0–5 star scale {{rating|3|5|score=3/5 stars in a 0–5 star scale}}
3/5 stars {{rating|3|5|size=15px}}
4/5 medals {{rating|4|5|full=Gold medal icon blank.svg|empty=Silver medal icon blank.svg|rating=medal}}
3.5/5 marks {{rating|3.5|5|full=U+25CF.svg|half=U+25D0.svg|empty=U+25CB.svg|rating=mark}}
2.5/5 marks {{rating|2.5|5|full=Disc Plain red.svg|half=Cercle rouge 100%.svg|empty=Plain Disc 20% grey.svg|rating=mark}}
2 thumbs up {{rating|2|full=Symbol thumbs up.svg|rating=thumb up|rating-plural=thumbs up}}
2 thumbs up, but 4 thumbs down, giving this a rating of 2/6 {{rating|2|6|full=Symbol thumbs up.svg|empty=Symbol thumbs down.svg|rating=thumb up|rating-plural=thumbs up|score=2 thumbs up, but 4 thumbs down, giving this a rating of 2/6}}


This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools.


A template to provide an image rating system

Template parameters


Number of stars (or other images) received


Total possible stars (or other images; defaults to parameter 1)


Text displayed when hovering over the rating

Full alternatefull

Alternate image for a full star, without the File: prefix

Star full.svg
Half alternatehalf

Alternate image for a half star, without the File: prefix

Star half.svg
Empty alternateempty

Alternate image for an empty star, without the File: prefix

Star empty.svg
Rating symbolrating

Unit for alternate images

Plural rating symbolrating-plural

Plural form of the rating parameter if it is not just adding an "s"

Images sizesize

Size of the images, in pixels