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This is the {{notice}} message box.

It was ported over from the English Wikipedia.


The header parameter works on talk pages and other pages. But there is one parameter that only works on talk pages, the small parameter. Like this:

{{notice|small=yes|header=Header text|Include text here.}}

As you can see, "small=yes" causes a smaller right floating box with a smaller image and smaller text size.
Let's try the image parameter too. Like this:

{{notice|small=yes|image=Stop hand nuvola.svg
  |header=Header text|Include text here.}}

Using external links

In most cases, external links can be used in the template without any complications. However, links containing an equal sign ( = ) are not read properly, because everything on the left of the equal sign is interpreted as a parameter name. This is the suggested work-around:

{{notice|1=Following this parameter, an equal sign in an external link will be read properly.}}