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Template documentation

<translate> This template automatically displays a documentation box like the one you are seeing now, of which the content is sometimes transcluded from another page.</translate> <translate> It is intended for pages which are [[<tvar name=1>Special:MyLanguage/Help:Transclusion</tvar>|transcluded]] in other pages, i.e. templates, whether in the template namespace or not.</translate>



Customizing display

Overrides exist to customize the output in special cases: </translate>

  • {{documentation|heading=}} - <translate> change the text of the "documentation" heading.</translate> <translate> If this is set to blank, the entire heading line (including the first [edit] link) will also disappear.</translate>



</translate> <translate> This template allows any page to use any documentation page, and makes it possible to protect templates while allowing anyone to edit the template's documentation, categories, and interwiki links.</translate> <translate> It also reduces server resources by circumventing a technical limitation of templates (see a [[<tvar name=1>:en:Special:Diff/69888944</tvar>|developer's explanation]]).</translate>


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