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Is there any chance, that LuceneSearch can be used on windows together with xampp? Thanks.

Configuration / Latest Version / Searching numbers / Relevance

Finally I was successful installing Lucene search on my own Wiki. Is is quite a fine tool. Search results have dramatically improved. When testing it I realized, that I am not able to search for numbers (e.g. 11100), while in the german Wikipedia I am able to search for numbers. Has anybody an idea why that is the case? Are the mwsearch tool and the lucence search extension in the CVS the current version which is used by the Wikipedia? They seem to be quite old. Are they still using lucene.net 1.3.4? I was not able to compile the mwsearch tool with more recent versions. I tried to find out why that is the case, but unfortunately if was not successful. The lucene search extension send all numbers with the search phrase to the mwseachd (I have put a lot of verbose out put to the mwsearchd...) So I assume that numbers are not indexed. Is there an way to configure the MWSearchTool in index numbers as well? I will still try to debug this, but as I am not fluent in C# and Java I would really appreciate if someone has a quick hint for me where to find the solution. Another thing that occured to me is that the relevance of the results is either 0 or 100%. Looking at the results returned by Lucene I assume that this is due to the fact, that the relevance is written 0,68 instead of 0.68. Is that true? Is there an solution to overcome this problem? --Erik 08:02, 22 February 2007 (PST)