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First IRC report

I've reported problems with wikidata on IRC at ops channel at 6:12:

[2017-07-27T23:12:09-0700] <SMalyshev> wikidata changes stopped about 20 mins ago - anybody knows the reason?

(time is PDT here). I wasn't sure whether it's not a planned maintenance since it was r/o and not full failure so I didn't make a bigger fuss.

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Thanks for the addition, I have added it to the report- Indeed the fact that the read only mode was set automatically was both a blessing and a curse- it reduced the amount of unhandled errors, but it also normalized the problem on both contributor's eyes and our error logs. Also at those hours less people edit, but also less people is connected. Apologies for the problems caused. -- Jcrespo 09:15, 4 August 2017 (UTC)Reply