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Fourth Column in dataset

Hi all, i'm playing with the data coming from [pagecounts-raw].

I noticed there is a fourth column containing letters and numbers. I imagine it is a categorization of pageviews, as the sum of the numbers is equal to the total number of pageviews: if this is the reason,is there a dictionary to understand the meaning of such letters?


Main_Page 11127245 A306474B289383C279872D277993E288051F390410G558935H647569I690252J650486K591169L506545M488850N461196O497626P537005Q558701R545479S497418T494540U454098V409008W375961X330224

Letter Count
A 306474
B 289383
C 279872
D 277993
E 288051
F 390410
G 558935
H 647569
I 690252
J 650486
K 591169
L 506545
M 488850
N 461196
O 497626
P 537005
Q 558701
R 545479
S 497418
T 494540
U 454098
V 409008
W 375961
X 330224

Any hint? thanks --Mikima (talk) 15:03, 16 December 2015 (UTC) You should post questions to analytics@ list to get a response, thank you Nuria (talk) 23:09, 8 April 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]