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Location: eqiad
Cluster: Analytics cluster eqiad
Node name: stat1008.eqiad.wmnet (fingerprint)
Overall: Active
Icinga?: host status services status
Memory: 128GB
HDD: 7.2TB
OS: Debian 10 Buster

stat1008 has a GPU slated for use with training machine learning models. As of September 2019 the GPU is only available for users of the gpu-testers POSIX group. If you wish to get added to the group, please contact the Analytics team. For more info. see T148843.

Users in the group gpu-testers can use the AMD GPU that we deployed for T148843. The long term plan is to make it available for all the users logging in, but for the moment its access is restricted for a limited set of users to better test it (and avoid usage contention etc..). Please reach out to the Analytics team if you wish to get added to the group to test the GPU for your use case.

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