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A lot of great tools are being developed on Labs but not everybody is aware of them or knows how they work. The Labs Showcase gives the opportunity to tool / labs developers to demonstrate their work and give short tutorials. Intended audience is everyone who wants to use Labs more and is just curious to see what's happening.


30 minutes
Inaugural showcase
first week of January 2014.
TBD, maybe using a Doodle or something similar.
Google Hangouts so we can publish the showcase to youtube. I realize that not everybody is a big fan of Google Hangouts and I am definitely open to alternatives but I think the ability of Hangouts to record a showcase is very useful and we know from past experience that it's working pretty well with larger groups of people.


Yes, I think this is a great idea and would attend the showcases on a regular basis!

Not on a regular basis but i would watch some archives if they were on youtube