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Team members

Contact information, including phone numbers are available on Office wiki.

Who to contact when?

The tables below show who can be contacted for which subject. If you don't see the subject you are interested in, you can contact the team's engineering manager (Guillaume) or Product Manager (Mike).


Prioritization Team processes ERC
Guillaume Lederrey X X X


Technical components

Operations Elasticsearch Update Pipelines Airflow Flink Saneitizer Mjolnir Language support Analysis chains Weighted tags
Erik Bernhardson X X X X X X X
Trey Jones X X X
Guillaume Lederrey X X


Machine Learning Ranking More Like Sister Search Cross Language Search Search Syntax Did you mean MediaSearch
Erik Bernhardson X X X X X X
Trey Jones X X X X

Query Services

Operations Blazegraph Data reload Update pipeline SPARQL Authentication Traffic management (throttling, filtering) Federation
Guillaume Lederrey X X X X X X

Misc skills

Puppet Python Java Scala Maven Mediawiki Docker k8s Flink Airflow Spark Perl
Guillaume Lederrey X X X X
Trey Jones 🐪