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List of automation tools and libraries, reporting and authoritative Web UIs used by the SRE team.


  • Python/Wmflib: a Python package that contains custom modules to interact with the WMF production infrastructure, installable in any host.
  • Cumin: parallel remote execution CLI tool and Python library with fine-grained target selection and output deduplication.
  • Conftool: high level CLI tool and Python library to manage the live state stored in etcd. Load Balanced Services And Conftool has further information on scripts used to operate on clustered services.
    • Dbctl: conftool extension to specifically manage MediaWiki's database configuration in etcd.
    • requestctl: conftool extension to control access and routing of web requests
  • Spicerack: centralized Python library to automate task, has modules to interact with most components of the infrastructure.
  • Cookbooks: Python scripts that adhere to Spicerack's API and allow to automate tasks using Spicerack functionalities.
  • Debdeploy: CLI tool to check and upgrade Debian packages.
  • Homer: network devices configuration management CLI tool.
  • WMFMariadbpy, work in progress library to automate administration of Wikimedia MySQL/MariaDB instances
  • Country latency measurement: tool to measure per-country latency via RIPE Atlas.

Reporting Web UI

Authoritative Web UI

  • netbox.w.o: data center infrastructure management (DCIM) and IP address management (IPAM) Web UI, a.k.a. "the source of truth". See also Netbox.