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Two SREs perform an on-call handoff

Upcoming business hours oncall schedule (experimental)

This schedule is automatically fetched from victorops and updated hourly

Weekly shifts are based on week starting date (monday), for more granular daily/hourly overrides please see the victorops schedule

Oncall & Clinic Duty Schedule

week_starting Business Hours Americas Business Hours Americas Business Hours EMEA Business Hours EMEA Clinic Duty
2023-05-08 Andrea Denisse Chris Danis Giuseppe Lavagetto Riccardo Coccioli Daniel Zahn
2023-05-15 Arnold Okoth Daniel Zahn Cathal Mooney Valentin Gutierrez Chris Danis
2023-05-22 Brandon Black Eric Evans Filippo Giunchedi Janis Meybohm John Bond
2023-05-29 OVERRIDE: Dev Null (for Jesse Hathaway) OVERRIDE: Dev Null (for Sukhbir Singh) OVERRIDE: Dev Null (for Matthew Vernon) OVERRIDE: Dev Null (for Moritz Mühlenhoff) Cathal Mooney
2023-06-05 Cole White Reuven Lazarus Clément Goubert Jaime Crespo Matthew Vernon
2023-06-12 Brett Cornwall Chris Danis Manuel Arostegui OVERRIDE: Arzhel Younsi (for John Bond) Brandon Black
2023-06-19 Cole White Keith Herron Effie Mouzeli OVERRIDE: John Bond (for Arzhel Younsi) Sukhbir Singh
2023-06-26 Andrea Denisse Daniel Zahn Amir Sarabadani Simon Lyngshede Arnold Okoth
2023-07-03 Andrea Denisse OVERRIDE: Sukhbir Singh (for Chris Danis) OVERRIDE: Alexandros Kosiaris (for Effie Mouzeli) Riccardo Coccioli Arzhel Younsi
2023-07-10 Jesse Hathaway OVERRIDE: Eric Evans (for Keith Herron) Clément Goubert Simon Lyngshede Cathal Mooney
2023-07-17 Arnold Okoth OVERRIDE: Keith Herron (for Eric Evans) Filippo Giunchedi John Bond Andrea Denisse
2023-07-24 Cole White OVERRIDE: Chris Danis (for Sukhbir Singh) Manuel Arostegui OVERRIDE: Matthew Vernon (for Moritz Mühlenhoff) Brett Cornwall
2023-07-31 Brett Cornwall Reuven Lazarus Jelto Wodstrcil Valentin Gutierrez Filippo Giunchedi
2023-08-07 Andrea Denisse Chris Danis Jaime Crespo Janis Meybohm Eric Evans
2023-08-14 Jesse Hathaway OVERRIDE: Arnold Okoth (for Keith Herron) OVERRIDE: Filippo Giunchedi (for Cathal Mooney) OVERRIDE: Giuseppe Lavagetto (for Amir Sarabadani) Clément Goubert
2023-08-21 Eric Evans OVERRIDE: Keith Herron (for Arnold Okoth) Eoghan Gaffney OVERRIDE: Cathal Mooney (for Effie Mouzeli) John Bond
2023-08-28 Cole White OVERRIDE: Eric Evans (for Sukhbir Singh) Clément Goubert OVERRIDE: Moritz Mühlenhoff (for Matthew Vernon) Amir Sarabadani
2023-09-04 Brett Cornwall Reuven Lazarus Arzhel Younsi John Bond OVERRIDE: Valentin Gutierrez (for Chris Danis)
2023-09-11 Andrea Denisse Chris Danis Manuel Arostegui Riccardo Coccioli Reuven Lazarus
2023-09-18 Jesse Hathaway Keith Herron Jelto Wodstrcil Simon Lyngshede Cole White
2023-09-25 Arnold Okoth Eric Evans Jaime Crespo OVERRIDE: Cathal Mooney (for Filippo Giunchedi) OVERRIDE: Chris Danis (for Valentin Gutierrez)
2023-10-02 Brandon Black OVERRIDE: Jesse Hathaway (for Cole White) OVERRIDE: Filippo Giunchedi (for Cathal Mooney) Simon Lyngshede Jelto Wodstrcil
2023-10-09 Brett Cornwall Reuven Lazarus Eoghan Gaffney Valentin Gutierrez Simon Lyngshede
2023-10-16 Andrea Denisse Sukhbir Singh Janis Meybohm Matthew Vernon Simon Lyngshede
2023-10-23 Chris Danis Keith Herron Arzhel Younsi OVERRIDE: Manuel Arostegui (for Amir Sarabadani) Manuel Arostegui
2023-10-30 Eric Evans Jesse Hathaway Hugh Nowlan OVERRIDE: Jaime Crespo (for Giuseppe Lavagetto) Janis Meybohm
2023-11-06 Arnold Okoth Brandon Black Effie Mouzeli OVERRIDE: Giuseppe Lavagetto (for Clément Goubert) Arnold Okoth
2023-11-13 Brett Cornwall Cole White Fabrizio Furnari John Bond Matthew Vernon
2023-11-20 Reuven Lazarus Sukhbir Singh Kamila Součková OVERRIDE: Giuseppe Lavagetto (for Jaime Crespo) Arnaud Bran
2023-11-27 Andrea Denisse Chris Danis OVERRIDE: Amir Sarabadani (for Manuel Arostegui) Riccardo Coccioli Eoghan Gaffney
2023-12-04 Andrea Denisse Jesse Hathaway Jelto Wodstrcil Moritz Mühlenhoff Effie Mouzeli
2023-12-11 Arnold Okoth Eric Evans Cathal Mooney Filippo Giunchedi Jesse Hathaway
2023-12-18 Brandon Black Cole White Eoghan Gaffney Simon Lyngshede Keith Herron
2023-12-25 Brett Cornwall Reuven Lazarus Matthew Vernon Valentin Gutierrez Kamila Součková
2024-01-01 Andrea Denisse Sukhbir Singh Arzhel Younsi Janis Meybohm Fabrizio Furnari
2024-01-08 Chris Danis Keith Herron Amir Sarabadani Giuseppe Lavagetto Sukhbir Singh
2024-01-15 Eric Evans Jesse Hathaway Effie Mouzeli Hugh Nowlan Arnold Okoth
2024-01-22 Arnold Okoth Brandon Black Clément Goubert Fabrizio Furnari Arzhel Younsi
2024-01-29 Brett Cornwall Cole White Kamila Součková Manuel Arostegui Cathal Mooney
2024-02-05 Reuven Lazarus Sukhbir Singh Jelto Wodstrcil Riccardo Coccioli Andrea Denisse
2024-02-12 Andrea Denisse Chris Danis Jaime Crespo Moritz Mühlenhoff Brett Cornwall
2024-02-19 Jesse Hathaway Keith Herron Cathal Mooney Filippo Giunchedi Filippo Giunchedi
2024-02-26 Arnold Okoth Eric Evans Eoghan Gaffney Simon Lyngshede Eric Evans
2024-03-04 Brandon Black Cole White Matthew Vernon Valentin Gutierrez Clément Goubert
2024-03-11 Brett Cornwall Reuven Lazarus Arzhel Younsi Janis Meybohm Amir Sarabadani
2024-03-18 Andrea Denisse Sukhbir Singh Amir Sarabadani Giuseppe Lavagetto Chris Danis
2024-03-25 Chris Danis Keith Herron Effie Mouzeli Hugh Nowlan Reuven Lazarus
2024-04-01 Eric Evans Jesse Hathaway Clément Goubert Fabrizio Furnari Cole White
2024-04-08 Arnold Okoth Brandon Black Jaime Crespo Kamila Součková Valentin Gutierrez
2024-04-15 Brett Cornwall Cole White Manuel Arostegui Riccardo Coccioli Jelto Wodstrcil
2024-04-22 Reuven Lazarus Sukhbir Singh Jelto Wodstrcil Moritz Mühlenhoff Moritz Mühlenhoff
2024-04-29 Andrea Denisse Chris Danis Cathal Mooney Filippo Giunchedi Simon Lyngshede
2024-05-06 Jesse Hathaway Keith Herron Eoghan Gaffney Simon Lyngshede Manuel Arostegui
2024-05-13 Arnold Okoth Eric Evans Matthew Vernon Valentin Gutierrez Janis Meybohm
2024-05-20 Brandon Black Cole White Arzhel Younsi Janis Meybohm Arnold Okoth
2024-05-27 Brett Cornwall Reuven Lazarus Amir Sarabadani Giuseppe Lavagetto Sukhbir Singh
2024-06-03 Andrea Denisse Sukhbir Singh Effie Mouzeli Hugh Nowlan Jaime Crespo
2024-06-10 Chris Danis Keith Herron Clément Goubert Fabrizio Furnari Hugh Nowlan
2024-06-17 Eric Evans Jesse Hathaway Kamila Součková Manuel Arostegui Matthew Vernon
2024-06-24 Arnold Okoth Brandon Black Jelto Wodstrcil Riccardo Coccioli Arnaud Bran
2024-07-01 Brett Cornwall Cole White Jaime Crespo Moritz Mühlenhoff Eoghan Gaffney
2024-07-08 Reuven Lazarus Sukhbir Singh Cathal Mooney Filippo Giunchedi Effie Mouzeli
2024-07-15 Andrea Denisse Chris Danis Eoghan Gaffney Simon Lyngshede Jesse Hathaway
2024-07-22 Jesse Hathaway Keith Herron Matthew Vernon Valentin Gutierrez Keith Herron
2024-07-29 Arnold Okoth Eric Evans Arzhel Younsi Janis Meybohm Kamila Součková
2024-08-05 Brandon Black Cole White Amir Sarabadani Giuseppe Lavagetto Fabrizio Furnari
2024-08-12 Brett Cornwall Reuven Lazarus Effie Mouzeli Hugh Nowlan Sukhbir Singh
2024-08-19 Andrea Denisse Sukhbir Singh Clément Goubert Fabrizio Furnari Arnold Okoth
2024-08-26 Chris Danis Keith Herron Jaime Crespo Kamila Součková Arzhel Younsi
2024-09-02 Eric Evans Jesse Hathaway Manuel Arostegui Riccardo Coccioli Cathal Mooney
2024-09-09 Arnold Okoth Brandon Black Jelto Wodstrcil Moritz Mühlenhoff Andrea Denisse
2024-09-16 Brett Cornwall Cole White Cathal Mooney Filippo Giunchedi Brett Cornwall
2024-09-23 Reuven Lazarus Sukhbir Singh Eoghan Gaffney Simon Lyngshede Filippo Giunchedi
2024-09-30 Andrea Denisse Chris Danis Matthew Vernon Valentin Gutierrez Eric Evans
2024-10-07 Jesse Hathaway Keith Herron Arzhel Younsi Janis Meybohm Clément Goubert
2024-10-14 Arnold Okoth Eric Evans Amir Sarabadani Giuseppe Lavagetto Amir Sarabadani
2024-10-21 Brandon Black Cole White Effie Mouzeli Hugh Nowlan Chris Danis
2024-10-28 Brett Cornwall Reuven Lazarus Clément Goubert Fabrizio Furnari Reuven Lazarus
2024-11-04 Andrea Denisse Sukhbir Singh Kamila Součková Manuel Arostegui Cole White
2024-11-11 Chris Danis Keith Herron Jelto Wodstrcil Riccardo Coccioli Valentin Gutierrez
2024-11-18 Eric Evans Jesse Hathaway Jaime Crespo Moritz Mühlenhoff Jelto Wodstrcil
2024-11-25 Arnold Okoth Brandon Black Cathal Mooney Filippo Giunchedi Moritz Mühlenhoff

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