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The simplest Vumi system consists of a transport worker and an application worker.

A transport worker is responsible for sending messages to and receiving messages from users in the big wide world. Transport mechanisms Vumi supports include SMPP, XMPP, Twitter, IRC, HTTP and a variety of mobile network aggregator specific messaging protocols. The application worker processes messages from a transport and sends replies – it holds the application logic. Vumi workers communicate over RabbitMQ.

A XMPP based demo is available with the following jabber ids: and

You can see the code at:



Two servers (one in each data center) are deployed, namely zhen and silver.

  • Application key monitoring indicators :


Possible problems (or known issues) are

Problem connecting to Redis

There will be log entries like the following:

2013-01-08 18:23:42+0000 [-] Starting factory <vumi.persist.txredis_manager.VumiRedisClientFactory instance at 0x3784638>
2013-01-08 18:25:43+0000 [VumiRedis,client] <twisted.internet.tcp.Connector instance at 0x3784758> will retry in 2 seconds
2013-01-08 18:25:43+0000 [VumiRedis,client] Stopping factory <vumi.persist.txredis_manager.VumiRedisClientFactory instance at 0x3784638>

Recovery: Restart Redis, restart Vumi.

Bad message crashes transport:

There will be a stack trace in one or more of the transport logs.
Recovery: Restart Vumi, send logs to Vumi team for debugging.

Problem connecting to SMPP

There will be log entries like the Redis ones, but referencing the SMPP client.
Recovery: Check network connectivity, escalate to operator.

Vumi recovery process management:

stop application - "sudo supervisorctl stop all"
start application - "sudo supervisorctl start all"
restart application - "sudo supervisorctl restart all"
restart with updated supervisord config - "sudo supervisorctl reload"

Escalation (Application) Contact:

  • Jeremy Thurgood /

Future Plans