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  1. Shove ReleasingToMavenCentral/Paranoid.xml into ~/.m2/paranoid.xml
  2. cd your_project
  3. mvn release:prepare
  4. git push --tags gerrit
  5. mvn release:perform
  6. git review
  7. Force everything through gerrit +2/+2
  8. Do the sonatype stuff over here
  9. git checkout <tag version that mvn release:prepare made>
  10. rm -rf ~/.m2/repository_backup; mv ~/.m2/repository ~/.m2/repository_backup
  11. mvn clean install -s ~/.m2/paranoid.xml
  12. Make sure you have Archiva configured
    1. In ~/.m2/settings.xml
    2. In your project's pom.xml
  13. mvn deploy

What can go wrong

git push --tags

If you don't have permission to push tags you'll need to get it granted.

mvn release:perform

If Sonatype gives you HTTP 401s, check your settings file.



git review

If you never installed the Change-Id-generating commit hook, you'll need to install it, then go back and generate some Change-Ids.

 gitdir=$(git rev-parse --git-dir); scp -p -P 29418 ${gitdir}/hooks/
 git rebase -i HEAD~2

Change pick to edit, and continue as usual.

mvn clean install -s ~/.m2/paranoid.xml

If one of your dependencies is missing, you'll have to upload those to Archiva's mirrored repository. Make sure that the checksums you have agree with those on