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Members of the Wikimedia technical community are welcome - and encouraged! - to become deployers of MediaWiki and its extensions. Deploying is a serious responsibility which involves risk to production, so there are some prerequisites.


First, you'll need access to the relevant systems.

  • Production access, and in particular membership in the deployment group
  • Access to merge changes in wmf deploy branches (including mediawiki-config) by being added to the wmf-deployments Gerrit group (must first have deployment membership)
    • Ask an existing wmf-deployments group member to do this.


Next, you need to be connected and aware of several communication streams.


Finally, learn how to deploy.

Release Engineering hosts regular meetings for triaging production error logs, and conducts training on how to do backport deploys. Please attend at least one of each session, and pair with an experienced deployer on your first few deploys.

(This section to be expanded into something actually useful for the seeker-of-deploy-rights.)