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Reclaim space on full db servers

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Remove old relay logs

MySQL servers running version 4.* have a bug (here's one, maybe there are others) which results in the relay logs not being deleted. Space will eventually fill up on /a/sqldata due to this bug. You can clear out the old logs by running the utility

reset-mysql-slave hostname-here

from fenari. This stops the slave, issues a RESET SLAVE command (which automatically tosses all old relay logs and opens a fresh one) and restarts the slave.

Remove old bin logs

Old bin logs also pile up in /a/sqldata. You can check the slave hosts to see which bin log file they are using and toss all the earlier ones. Check the one in use on each slave by looking at db.php for the slaves and giving the command 'SHOW SLAVE STATUS' and looking at the column Master_Log_File. Then you can clear the old logs out with the mysql command

PURGE MASTER LOGS TO 'name-of-bin-log-file-here'

and this will remove all bin logs older than the specified file. It syncs up the index file for these logs as well. (On mysql 5.x hosts you can issue the command PURGE BINARY LOGS instead.)