Reattribute edits

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This page was last updated in 2006 and may be outdated. Please update it if you can.

Not usually done anymore, Special:Renameuser is good enough for most people.

  1. change directory to /home/wikipedia/common/php-new/maintenance
  2. delete ../attribute.log and ../attribute.sql
  3. run: php attribute.php en wikipedia "User Name" (this has to be done on suda right now because ariel has no php.)
  4. feed ../attribute.sql to mysql ON ARIEL (or whatever the master db server is)
  5. append ../attribute.log to w:Wikipedia:Changing_attribution_for_an_edit/Log

You MUST switch from suda to ariel between steps 3 and 4 or you will execute the query on the slave server and break things. Don't do that.