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How to configure Raid in the BIOS

Dell R510

(More detail on how to interact with the console, ctrl-alt-delete, ctrl chars, etc.: Dell#Connecting_to_serial_console)

Target configuration for databases (from Raid and MegaCli):

  • raid-10
  • 256k stripe
  • no read ahead
  • writeback cache

Dell R740xd2

This kind of server is used for mass-storage (normally, backups)

Target configuration for backups:


  • raid-6
  • 256k stripe
  • no read ahead
  • writeback cache

2 SSDs:

  • Software RAID 1 will be set on reimage, so those SSDs should show as "not part of a RAID" on the bios, nothing to do there
  • Set first SSD as the bootable disk (only 1 device is bootable at a time :-() See:

To completely nuke the existing raid and start over...

  • follow instructions in Build a new server to get into the BIOS (powercycle the server, console com2, etc.)
  • hit CTRL-R when prompted to enter the RAID controller setup (PERC H800 Integrated BIOS Configuration Utility 2.02-0025)
    • I've had the best luck hitting it several times right about when the HW initialization goes from 0% to 100%.
  • delete the existing RAID set
    • cursor over the Disk Group line, hit F2
    • scroll down to 'Delete Disk Group'
    • say "Yes" to the "Are you sure?" question. (tab to Yes, hit enter)
  • create a new RAID set
    • select the 'No Configuration Present' line, hit enter
    • set RAID level to 10
    • leave PD per Span at 2
    • select all Physical Disks (space bar to X each one)
    • leave VD Size alone
    • set VD Name to 'allr10' or something useful.
    • select Advanced Settings
    • set Strip Element Size to 256KB
    • set Read Policy to No Read Ahead
    • set Write Policy to Write Back
    • check Initialize
    • choose OK
    • "Initialization will destroy data on the virtual disk. Are you sure?" choose OK
    • "Initialization finished" choose OK
  • You should see "Spanned Disk Group: 0, Raid 10"
  • You should see a single line under Virtual disks "Virtual Disk: 0, allr10, 11175.00GB" (or whatever size your disks are)
  • hit 'esc' to exit
    • "Are you sure" choose OK
  • You should see "Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete to reboot"
  • press esc-R esc-r esc-R to reboot

When you're done, ctrl-\ to get out of console, 'exit' to disconnect from the mgmt interface.