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This page holds notes and ideas regarding the Stretch migration of Toolforge, specially related to k8s.


Meeting attendats: Andrew, Chase, Arturo.


  • refactor toolforge puppet code (Brooke already started)
  • get puppet compiler for VMs so we can actually test puppet code
  • k8s: allocate a couple of weeks to play with callbacks and kubeadmin and evaluate if they are the way to go.

Thinks to take into account

  • probably going directly to Stretch is the way to go.
    • By the time we end, Buster may be stable already
    • (and Jessie old-old-stable)
  • k8s: jump versions when moving to eqiad1?
    • 1.4 --> 1.12
    • does the new version works for custom ingress controllers?
    • does kubdeadm works for us?
    • integration with nova-proxy?
    • try in a cloudvps project, in a pre-defined time slot
  • ingress controller for k8s
    • currently using kubeproxy, nginx
    • it worth migrate to some native k8s ingress controller
  • co-existence of k8s clusters
  • gridengine
    • write puppte code from scratch, a new deployment side-by-side with the old
    • both grids co-exists and users start launching things in the new one
    • a script or something to make sure nothing from the same tool is runnin gin the old grid


  • currently using vxlan overlay. We can probably carry over the same model.