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The clouddumps servers serve dumps clients to Cloud VPS and the internet.


Some Cloud VPS instances mount NFS shares from all clouddumps servers. The dumps_dist_active_vps hiera variable controls the symlinks in /public/dumps which clients are meant to use.
Production NFS
Some wikiprod hosts (e.g. stat*) mount dumps as NFS shares. Again these mount both hosts, but confusingly the dumps_dist_active_web hiera variable is used to control the user-facing symlinks.
Clients on the internet can download dumps via the web server, which is accessed via the dumps.wikimedia.org service name. The dumps_dist_active_web and profile::dumps::distribution::web::is_primary_server hiera variables need to match the main DNS entry.
Mirrors have rsync access to the dumps shares. They use the dumps.wikimedia.org service name.



To failover the web/rsync server to the other node you need to:

  1. Update the dumps.wikimedia.org CNAME to point to the other server
  2. Update Hiera data:
    • Update dumps_dist_active_web Hiera variable to point to the other server
    • Update profile::dumps::distribution::web::is_primary_server to false on the old server and to true on the new one
  3. Wait for DNS TTL to expire (which should be longer than a full Puppet cycle)


To failover the Cloud VPS NFS server to the other node you need to:

  1. Update the dumps_dist_active_vps Hiera variable
  2. Wait for a full Puppet cycle or two for most VMs to pick it up