Obsolete or unneeded database tables

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This page contains historical information. It is probably no longer true.

Table migrated from https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T54921

Table Extension/Source Recom. contact Status Task Notes
__wmf_checksums.ibd pt-table-checksum DBA To remove But they are created by DBAs every time data checks run
_image_new.ibd pt-online-schema-change going wrong DBA Removed T171429 probably an alter table abandoned, drop where it exists
arbcom1_vote.ibd E:BoardVote @tstarling Keep Data to be archived. Once done, this table can be dropped.
blob_orphans.ibd blob_tracking.ibd trackBlobs.php @tstarling Removed T59186 "Tracking table for blob rows that aren't tracked by the text table" related to blob_tracking
bv2009_edits.ibd E:SecurePoll @tstarling To remove These bv_*edits tables are intermediate data (edit counts) generated by SecurePoll CLI scripts. The voter lists generated from them are stored in securepoll_lists. Probably not worth archiving since they were generated from archived edit data.
bv2011_edits.ibd E:SecurePoll @tstarling To remove
bv2015_edits.ibd E:SecurePoll @tstarling To remove
click_tracking.ibd E:Click_Tracking ? Removed T115982 Dep. of E:ArticleFeedback
click_tracking_events.ibd E:Click_Tracking ? Removed T115982 Dep. of E:ArticleFeedback
click_tracking_user_properties E:Click_Tracking ? Removed T115982 Dep. of E:ArticleFeedback
cur.ibd MW Core @tstarling Keep Need to audit text, ar_text for HistoryBlobCurStub objects
edit_page_tracking.ibd E:EditPageTracking Removed T57385
email_capture.ibd E:Email_Capture ? Removed T57676 Dep. of E:ArticleFeedback
ep_cas.ibd E:EducationProgram @JeroenDeDauw Keep Actively deployed
ep_instructors.ibd E:EducationProgram @JeroenDeDauw Keep Actively deployed
ep_oas.ibd E:EducationProgram @JeroenDeDauw Keep Actively deployed
ep_revisions.ibd E:EducationProgram @JeroenDeDauw Keep Actively deployed
exarchive.ibd MW Core ? ? (old copy of archive table?)
exrevision.ibd MW Core ? ? (old copy of revision table?)
filejournal.ibd MW Core @aaron Removed T51195 aaron committed this back in rSVN113704: [FileBackend] - I guess Wikimedia isn't using it?
flaggedimages.ibd E:FlaggedRevs @aaron
flaggedrevs_stats.ibd E:FlaggedRevs @aaron
flaggedrevs_stats2.ibd E:FlaggedRevs @aaron
flaggedtemplates.ibd E:FlaggedRevs @aaron
global_block_whitelist.ibd E:GlobalBlocking @Legoktm/@Glaisher Keep Actively used
hidden.ibd E:Oversight @Krenair ? This should theoretically be obsoleted by the removal of the Oversight extension in T34628, but let me double check.
interwiki.ibd MW Core (not used by WMF) Keep T169376 Just truncate. (done)
job.ibd MW Core (not used by WMF) Keep T169377 Just truncate. (done)
l10n_cache.ibd MW Core (not used WMF deployment) Keep T169375 Just truncate. (done)
linkscc.ibd MW Core (removed in 1.5) @tstarling Removed T192056
localisation.ibd Extension:LocalisationUpdate (table removed) Removed T119811
localisation_file_hash.ibd Extension:LocalisationUpdate (table removed) Removed T119811
long_run_profiling.ibd MW Core @tstarling Removed T194661 @tstarling made this as a temporary copy of the profiling table
mark_as_helpful.ibd E:MarkAsHelpful Removed T151655
mathoid.ibd E:Math @Physikerwelt To remove Now stored in Restbase T74240: Remove PNG only rendering mode
moodbar_feedback.ibd E:MoodBar Removed T153033 Undeployed from WMF
moodbar_feedback_response E:MoodBar Removed T153033 Undeployed from WMF
msg_resource.ibd MW Core (removed in 1.27) Krinkle Removed T194663 Removed from core per T113092
msg_resource_links.ibd MW Core (removed in 1.27) Krinkle Removed T194663 Removed from core per T113092
old_growth.ibd Removed T115982
pagetriage_tags.ibd E:PageTriage Keep Appears to be used, but only for look-ups. Could be migrated to a data/config file.
pif_edits.ibd ?
povwatch_log.ibd E:PovWatch Removed T54924
povwatch_subscribers.ibd E:PovWatch Removed T54924
pr_index.ibd E:ProofreadPage Keep Table may exist on wikis that don't use Extension. Can be removed from those
prefstats.ibd E:PrefStats Removed T154490
prefswitch_survey.ibd E:PrefSwitch Removed T173439
profiling MW CoreMW (removed in 1.5) @Reedy To remove T266125 Old table removed: T231366
reader_feedback E:ReaderFeedback @Reedy Removed T174586
reader_feedback_history E:ReaderFeedback @Reedy Removed T174586
reader_feedback_pages E:ReaderFeedback @Reedy Removed T174586
searchindex.ibd MW Core (unused by WMF) @demon Keep T167978 Truncate only. (done)
securepoll_cookie_match.ibd E:SecurePoll @tstarling Keep
securepoll_elections.ibd E:SecurePoll @tstarling Keep
securepoll_entity.ibd E:SecurePoll @tstarling Keep
securepoll_lists.ibd E:SecurePoll @tstarling Keep
securepoll_msgs.ibd E:SecurePoll @tstarling Keep
securepoll_options.ibd E:SecurePoll @tstarling Keep
securepoll_properties.ibd E:SecurePoll @tstarling Keep
securepoll_questions.ibd E:SecurePoll @tstarling Keep
securepoll_strike.ibd E:SecurePoll @tstarling Keep
securepoll_votes.ibd E:SecurePoll @tstarling Keep
site_identifiers.ibd MW Core Keep Actively in use
sites.ibd MW Core Keep Actively in use
tag_summary.ibd MW Core @Ladsgroup To remove T209525 Deprecated, use change_tag instead
transcache.ibd MW Core (not used in WMF) Keep Core table, just truncate
transcode.ibd E:TimedMediaHandler @brion Keep Actively used
updatelog.ibd MW Core (not used in WMF) @demon Keep T174804 Core table, just truncate
valid_tag.ibd MW Core @Ladsgroup Removed T212254 This is in use by MW core for change tagging
vote_log.ibd E:BoardVote @tstarling Keep Data will be archived, once done, it may be dropped.