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Vim is an improved version of vi, should be fully compatible with the good old vi software although some options might make it incompatible.

vim on redhat plainly sux cause they have been too lazy to offer a cool default vimrc. So I scped the debian one and put it in my user dir (file vimrc o+r).

You can copy this file in your ~/ , eventually edit it to add / comment options.

To get this options loaded by vim everytime you launch it, the easiest solution is to create an alias in your .bashrc file :

# load a customized vim
alias vim = 'vim -u ~/vimrc'
# replace vi
alias vi = 'vim -u ~/vimrc'

Happy viming :o)

My vimrc amd related plugins (cvs etc) is available at http://dl.aulinx.de/vim.tar.bz2, untar it in your home dir and you're set. Already installed these defaults in /root on browne and coronelli. -- Gwicke 10:55, 24 Jun 2004 (UTC)