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Obsolete:Toolserver/Use lsiutil to manage LSI RAID controllers

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lsiutil is a command-line tool for managing LSI RAID controllers (zedler, clematis) from the OS. Start it by running 'lsiutil'. You will get a list of ports:

# lsiutil
LSI Logic MPT Configuration Utility, Version 1.41, November 23, 2005
3 MPT Ports found
     Port Name         Chip Vendor/Type/Rev    MPT Rev  Firmware Rev
 1.  itmpt0            LSI Logic 53C1030 C0      102      01032700
 2.  itmpt1            LSI Logic 53C1030 C0      102      01033010
 3.  itmpt2            LSI Logic 53C1030 C0      102      01033010
Select a device:  [1-3 or 0 to quit]

Most of the interface is fairly self-explanatory. "RAID actions" allows the RAID array to be viewed, and reconfigured (e.g. disks replaced).