Obsolete:Toolserver/Manage the Infortrend arrays

With RAIDmgr

RAIDmgr is a GUI application which can manage the RAID arrays. As the telnet/ssh interface doesn't work properly, this is the recommended method.

On yarrow (as normal user): vncserver -localhost :1
On your local system: vncviewer -via yarrow.ts.wikimedia.org localhost:1

(If display :1 is busy, choose another one.)

This assumes you are using TightVNC client, other clients might need SSH forwarding instead of -via.

After you connect, you should have a GNOME desktop. Open a terminal and run "raidmgr". Select "Configuration" mode, and enter the IP of the array (is written on the serverpage) you want to manage. The password is the root password.

When you're done: vncserver -kill :1

With tsd

tsd is a CLI-based configuration utility. Start it by running "tsd" on yarrow. "connect <ip>" to connect to an array. It has some online help with "help".