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Obsolete:Toolserver/Manage Solaris Volume Manager (SVM)

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SVM is Solaris' software RAID solution.

The basic unit of SVM arrays is 'metadevice'. A metadevice sits on top of a disk slice (partition). The most basic metadevice is the stripe; a single device is represented by a one-disk stripe. Stripes can be combined into mirrors.

metadevices are named d#, where # is a number between 0 and 127.

Example: d20, a mirror, is composed of stripes d21 and d22.

Before a disk can be used in SVM, it must be partitioned and sliced. The easiest way to do this, if the disk is part of a mirror, is:

prtvtoc -s /dev/rdsk/old-device | fmthard /dev/rdsk/new-device

Before you can use fmthard, you must label the disk (see Obsolete:Toolserver/Manage individual disks under Solaris).

display current metadevices
metareplace -e mirror component
replace a broken component with a new one at the same location, e.g. if a disk was hot-swapped
metareplace mirror old-component new-component
replace a broken component with a new one