Obsolete:Toolserver/JIRA and FishEye

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We use JIRA for bug tracking and FishEye for http repository browsing.


Adding a new project for a user

Note: the user should create a JIRA account before you do this.

  1. Log into JIRA at http://infra.ts.wikimedia.org/jira/
  2. Click "Administration" in the header
  3. Click "Projects" on the left
  4. Click "Add project"
  5. Enter "<username>'s tools" as the Name, and USERNAME (in uppercase) as the key.
  6. Enter http://tools.wikimedia.de/~<username>/ as the URL
  7. Enter the user's JIRA username as Project Lead (you can start typing and it'll auto-complete the username).
  8. Select "Default notification scheme" for "Notification scheme"
  9. Click "Add"

The user will be able to create components himself.

Adding a new SVN repository for JIRA integration

You have to add the repository to FishEye first! (see below)

  1. In JIRA, go to "Administration" and then "FishEye Configuration"
  2. Enter the repository name, UTF-8 as the encoding, and the project's key
  3. Click "+"
  4. Click "Update" at the bottom of the page


Adding a repository

  1. Visit the admin interface at http://infra.ts.wikimedia.org/fisheye/admin/viewRepList.do
  2. Click "Add repository"
  3. Enter the username as "Name", and "<username>'s repository" as "Description"
  4. Select "Subversion" for "Repository type"
  5. Enter svn://hemlock.ts.wikimedia.org/<username>/subversion as SVN URL, and UTF-8 as encoding. Leave the other fields blank.
  6. Click "Add"