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This page describes how to add a new system user. Do not use this procedure for adding hemlock users!

  • Put the user's ssh public key in /root/.ssh/authorized_keys on each host (root users only)
  • Log in to the directory editor
  • Go to Create, User, and enter ou=People,dc=ts,dc=wikimedia,dc=org as the parent DN. Click "continue".
  • Go to the Extensions tab and make the user a "UNIX User"
  • Go back to "Quick Create" and enter the user's details. Say 10 for the gid, and an unused uid for the uid. Then go to 'Common Attributes' and give them a password.
  • Click "save"
  • For a root user:
    The user should log into a machine as root, run 'kadmin -p root/admin', then 'addprinc <username>' to set a Kerberos password.
  • For a normal user:
    You should run 'kadmin -p root/admin' and create the principle. Tell the user his password.
  • Create the user's home directory: mkdir /home/username; chown username:staff /home/username