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What are some fun ops things we should try and make sure are going this month?

Services doc cleanup

See notes at ServiceOwnership

SSD Squid testing

The sooner we have results the better, since we need to...

Mark has been doing the testing...

Prep next server order

Currently we start falling down if we have to serve from Tampa only at peak times. This is VERY BAD. More squid proxies needed...

Order finalization targeted for August 18.

Wikitech wiki move or mirror to internal cluster

SSL for uploads

This is a longstanding annoyance: media are not served via SSL. This causes warnings of various degrees in many browsers as well as just not being a good practice.

Simple implementation:

Fancy implementation:

  • Set up SSL proxies at https://upload.wikimedia.org/ in all caching centers, and set $wgUploadPath appropriately in secure.php [potential for protocol-relate URLs as well]

Note I'd like us to get https://en.wikipedia.org/ etc working soonish as well; this is lower-hanging fruit that can be set up sooner. --brion

Plan for private wikis breakout to subcluster

Reduce internal dependencies and attack surface area.