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Pound is installed on dalembert, harris and friedrich. It's not in use, due to its high resource usage under conditions of high request rate and slow response time, a frequent event for Wikipedia. We're now using LVS instead. The abandoned installation is documented below.

The source tree is at /home/wikipedia/src/pound/Pound-1.9.3, the configure line is

CFLAGS=-O3 ./configure --prefix=/usr/local

Stopping, starting and restarting can be done in the usual way with /etc/init.d/pound, which was written by Tim. There's a master copy at /home/wikipedia/src/pound/pound-init

To configure, do the following on zwinger:

% cd /home/wikipedia/conf/pound
% vim pound.cfg.php
% ./sync-pound

The final step requires a root ssh key for login to dalembert. The PHP configuration generator uses /usr/local/dsh/node_groups/apaches for a node list, so make sure you run it on a machine where that file is available.