Obsolete:Multicast HTCP purging/breakage

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Note: This page was created as a temporary pastebin and probably doesn't make any sense without its proper context

Tested some purges of Image:RS-485_waveform.png.

It looks like the multicast packets aren't being routed properly; only the purges I make from secure.wikimedia.org (bart) seem to make it to goeje, where they get shipped off to knams. Purges from some of the older boxen are visible to other apaches, but the latest batch seem to be visible to neither.

Doing despicably simple testing like:

tcpdump -ni eth0 -A -s 1000 -c 10000 host and udp port 4827 | grep 485

Tried listening on srv74 (internal pmtpa), goeje (external pmtpa), and fuchsia (knams). Goeje has udpmcast to route things to knams, so things that don't reach goeje can't reach knams.

Source	Purges visible from
srv82	-	-	-
srv111	-	-	-
srv75	srv74	-	-
srv41	srv74	-	-
srv59	srv74	-	-
srv109	-	-	-
srv74	srv74	-	-
srv119	-	-	-
srv65	srv74	-	-
srv101	-	-	-
bart	-	goeje	fuchsia
bart	-	goeje	fuchsia
bart	-	goeje	fuchsia
srv36	srv74	-	-
srv52	srv74	-	-