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Usage: ldaplist [options] [database] [object-name]

example: ldaplist -l passwd ldap_user

  --help                show this help message and exit
  -s, --self            Use your credentials
  -D BINDAS, --bindas=BINDAS
                        Specify user to bind as
  -m, --directorymanager
                        Use the Directory Manager's credentials
  --scriptuser          Use the scriptusers' credentials
  -v, --verbose         Show the database and search filter used for this
  -l, --longlisting     List all the attributes for each  entry  matching  the
                        search  criteria.  By default, ldaplist lists only the
                        Distiguished Name of the entries found.
  -h                    Show available databases to search
  -d, --showdatabase    Show the base dn being used for this database
                        Show the given attributes
  -r, --recursive       Recurse netgroups
  --like                Search for objects that equal or sound like [object-

For instance, to check a user's account:

ldaplist -l passwd <username>

To find a group and list its membership:

ldaplist -l group <some group name>