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Obsolete:Labs Eqiad Tools Migration

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This page contains historical information. It may be outdated or unreliable.

You can find status and notes about the Tool Labs migration at:

Tool Labs/Migration to eqiad

Migration entered the final phase on Monday (Mar 17, 2014) as noted in mailing list labs-l. All remaining files have been copied over to eqiad in a batch process. The tool will be left in inactive state until intervention by one of its maintainers.
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Migrating Tools

Scripts have been provided to ease the transition. From your user account on tools-login.wmflabs.org, you can do:

$ migrate-tool <toolname>

This prepares your tool for migration, and schedules the data copy. More details are provided on-screen. Do this for every tool for which you are the maintainer. (If there is more than one maintainer, any one of them can perform the migration).

This will also stop any jobs, webservice or cron entries.

Once the copy is complete (you can check the status of the copy by issuing the migrate-tool command again) you can issue the following command from tools-login-eqiad.wmflabs.org:

$ finish-migration <toolname>

this will do the eqiad end of the migration. Please be aware that it may take some time before the copy is started, as they are queued.

Please also note that, to preserve space and bandwidth, log files are not copied over (that includes files ending in .out, .err and .log). If you absolutely need to copy them over, then you can compress them first with gzip.


Migrating tools with those scripts carefully preserves all data IF IT IS ONLY ATTEMPTED ONCE. If you run into troubles or issues, please contact me, and we'll fix you up. They will not allow you to try again if something went wrong unless you work hard at it. Don't.

Migrating Users

You can migrate the contents of your home in pretty much the same way:

$ migrate-user

This will schedule a copy of your home directory to eqiad. There is no second half of the script to run once it is complete.

Advanced Users

If there are details you want to handle manually, you can 'ssh eqiad' from either tools-login or tools-dev (that includes being able to scp).

Manually copying files

Login to tools-login.wmflabs.org (pmtpa). From your user account (not tools account) you can issue the following command to copy files to eqiad:

*OLD*tools-login:~$ scp /data/project/<toolname>/foo*  eqiad:/data/project/<toolname>/

If this command fails with message ...lost connection. Just try again.

In case of panic

Do not break glass; come on freenode IRC to the #wikimedia-cloud channel and help can be found.