Obsolete:Knams to esams migration plan

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This page describes a step by step plan for the data center move of knams to esams.

Setup of br1-knams

  1. Unrack knsq15 to make room for br1-knams
  2. Rack br1-knams
  3. Install RX-BI-4XG in slot 1
  4. Install 10GBASE-ER modules in e1/1 and e1/3, 10GBASE-LR module in e1/2
  5. Install 10GBASE-ER modules in csw1-knams:e1/1 and e1/3, 10GBASE-LR module in csw1-knams:e8/2
  6. General configuration of br1-knams
  7. Set up switched trunk between br1-knams and csw1-knams over 10GBASE-LR, with 802.1Q and tagged VLANs 100, 101, 102, 200, 300
  8. Announce MAC address change to AMS-IX NOC
  9. Announce maintenance to AMS-IX tech-l

Migration of csw1-knams to br1-knams

  1. Copy BGP configuration of csw1-knams to br1-knams
  2. Create VE interfaces for all VLANs with secondary IPs
  3. Shutdown BGP session to AS 1145 /, connected on csw1-knams line card 7 - transit will be rerouted over the other session on line cards 1 and 2
  4. Shutdown BGP sessions to AS 6908, 1299
  5. Shutdown BGP peergroup AMS-IX
  6. Move line card csw1-knams:7 to br1-knams:2
  7. Copy port configuration to br1-knams
  8. Bring BGP peers back up. Traffic is now routed outbound by csw1-knams, inbound by both.
  9. Retract BGP announcement of all prefixes to AS1145
  10. Move primary gateway IPs on VEs from csw1-knams to br1-knams - traffic is now fully routed by br1-knams, but switched by csw1-knams.
  11. Move line card csw1-knams:1 to br1-knams:3, and copy port configuration
  12. Move line card csw1-knams:2 to br1-knams:4, and copy port configuration

Move csw1-knams to esams

  1. Unrack csw1-knams, keep only line card 8 (RX-BI-4XG) installed
  2. Move csw1-knams to esams
  3. Rack csw1-knams in the middle rack of 5, with redundant power
  4. Set up AS16265 transit on port csw1-knams:8/2, with no outbound announcements