Obsolete:Infortrend RAID array

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the RAID array connected to Zedler (c3t0d0) is an Infortrend A12U-G2421.


the device has a telnet and SSH interface but it often hangs and doesn't work. to use it, telnet or ssh to from zedler or pascal.

when the text interface isn't working, use the "tsd" tool:

zedler$ cd ~river/tsd; ./tsd

this is a command-line tool that manages the array.

or, use the Java-based RAIDwatch manager. this is an X application, so first you need to start a VNC session:

zedler$ vncserver :2 -localhost
localmachine$ vncviewer -via zedler.knams.wikimedia.org localhost:2

this will start an xterm; run raidwatch like this:

zedler$ mkdir rw; cd rw/
zedler$ cp ~river/rw/* .
zedler$ ./startrw.sh

select "Configuration" as the user, as the IP.