Obsolete:Colo work/20050127

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  • Remove broken machines for reinstall and testing at office.
  • Check fan working on khaldun because it's showing modulated frequency mode.
  • Move most apaches to internal only IPs. List:
    • 512MB: goeje, dalembert, friedrich, tingxi, diderot, avicenna, harris, alrazi
    • 1GB: vincent, khaldun, hypatia, humboldt, kluge
  • These 3GB apaches/memcached have internal IP only. So they can be squids in an emergency it is fgood for them to have an external IP (and because they are running memcached it is good for them to be on gigabit connections, no 100 megabit at all):
    • biruni, rose, smellie, anthony
  • Run memtest86 with extended settings