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(edit list)

  • fix mrtg (if someone wants to assign this to me?)
  • update download.wp.org to link to image tarballs
    • incremental backup system for image tarballs

polish mrtg squid pages

  • fix hideously messy firewall config scripts
  • make sure firewall script is executed on boot on all machines
  • document yum twiddling to use local mirror for FC1 and FC2; find out how to make apt use it
  • think about adding list of all pages in ns0 to jobs done with weekly DB dumps (for all languages)
  • find out if albert's disk controller has battery backup - it doesn't, and fix the 3dm2 software so that it sees the controller
  • remove apache-midnight-job from root's crontab on ex-apache squids after next midnight GMT
  • set up netboot for OS installs, including for fc2 and freebsd
  • make scripts to alter file/dir perms to make things easier for non-roots
  • summarize rh9-fc1 and fc1-fc2 upgrade procedure including gotchas
  • add shop, otrs, bugs, etc to db backup job
  • repair webalizer stats